Travel Guide


Travelling to and from Åland is easy.

There are several companies who are ready to make your trip a comfortable and memorable one, both by air and sea.

Åland is situated midway between Stockholm and Helsinki. Regardless of your choice the crossing will be beautiful as it allows you to enjoy the magnificent views of the three archipelagos, Sweden's, Finland's and Åland's, each of them different yet connected.

It is easy to get around on Åland, both at land and sea, travelling by bike, by car, by boat or by bus. The furthest distance between east and west in on the main island is no more than 50 km.

The compact town centre of Mariehamn is easily experienced by foot. It is only a ten-minute walk from one harbour to the other. You can also travel by bus on a roundtrip both northwards and southwards. There are plenty of taxis as well as possibility to hire vehicles.

Within 10 minutes walking distance from the West Harbour there are several choices of hotels, all of those with half board accommodation. In the town centre there are more than 20 restaurants, with several chefs ready to spoil you. Read more about travels, accommodation and activities on

Travelling during TSR 2021

In Mariehamn visitors can move about in a safe and friendly environment free from many of the concerns that are often raised in larger ports. This, along with having the town centre and its amenities near and without the need for transport and all the organisation that entails has been positively mentioned on numerous occasions by captains from visiting ships.

In particular captains of sail training ships have appreciated their visits to Mariehamn. Apart from enjoying the maritime history of the town many have openly stated that they have been able to relax and chill out knowing that their crew members who are ashore, irrespective of age, are out and about in a safe town with friendly, welcoming inhabitants.

A change of crew in Mariehamn will add to the overall adventure for the trainees during the Tall Ships Races 2021.

Travelling here with a ferry from either Sweden or Finland or the short flight from one of the international airports in the region, will be both fascinating, well organised and, if choosing the ferry, done at a really good price.

The Organising Committee will work together with the main ferry companies in providing trainees the best offer so that a crew change in Mariehamn can be made at a low cost and with a high service level.